• Energy

    Energy Management

    In the next 40 years, over 50% of the increase in global energy consumption is projected to come from Asian nations. Energy security, carbon emissions and increasing energy prices, will add pressure on businesses to adopt energy efficiency programs and renewable energy systems.

    • Energy Efficiency

      Consulting services to optimise energy-consumption by adopting cost-effective measures that reduce environmental impact and operations costs.

    • Renewable Energy

      Customised solar energy systems to complement or entirely supply energy. We offer design, component supply, installation and all necessary support for Feed-in Tariff on Net Energy Metering (NEM) to guarantee a hollistic and cost effective solution.

  • Water & Sewage

    Water Management

    Clean water is a precious and increasingly scarce resource that must be managed in a responsible way. We offer solutions to manage water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

    • Water Efficiency

      MEP optimization to reduce water consumption, environmental impact and expenses.

    • Rainwater Harvesting

      Custom-made systems to store, pressurize and filter rainwater reducing water demand from the mains or even turning self-sufficient.

    • Recycling & Treatment

      Integration of mecanic, plumbing and organic systems to effectively reuse grey water and safely treat black water.

  • Systems & Operations

    Building Efficiency

    Buildings have a large environmental impact through their life-cycle. Designs and management plans must therefore include initial and long-term financial and environmental considerations.

    • Eco-Efficiency Consulting

      Cost effective improvements on systems and operations focused on reducing consumption and costs of operation.

    • Design

      Development of designs that deliver efficiency and optimal conditions of air quality, light and temperature, based on the right balance of active and passive features.

  • Waste & Biomass

    Waste Management

    Inadequate waste disposal is an enormous contributor to greenhouse gases emissions as well as land and water pollution. Responsible businesses must therefore integrate procedures that minimise waste and responsibly dispose the waste derived from their operations.

    • Closed Nutrient Cycle

      Training and integration of SOPs to reduce waste, manage waste responsibly, generate value and minimize environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Tourism Certificates

    Internationally recognised sustainable tourism certifications.

    Our clients’ efforts in reducing environmental impact, apart from delivering cost savings, can be accredited by sustainable tourism certification bodies such as Travelife and Green Globe. Our certified auditors offer tailored support to embrace higher standards of: energy and water management; environmental and social impact mitigation; waste management; and cultural heritage preservation.

    • Travelife

      Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme that supports hotels around the world to improve their environmental, social and economic performance cost-effectively.

    • Green Globe

      The Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses, and their supply chain partners. It is an affective tool to monitor and document improvements and achievements leading to sustainable operations.

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