Our Solutions Infographic
  • Resource-Efficiency Consulting

    Tailor made solutions to minimise environmental impact and operation costs.

    Our solutions focus on maximising the efficiency of resource use (energy, water and chemicals), reducing thus consumption, environmental impact and overall operating costs.

    • Eco-efficiency Consulting

      Guidance through the implementation of cost-effective measures that address inefficiencies and reduce resource consumption.

    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

      Digital representation of building characteristics to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

  • Training

    Support to improve performance, and reduce environmental and financial risks.

    Capacity building programmes, workshops, and talks to support organisations on their path to meet and surpass internationally recognised standards of environmental performance.

    • Best Practices

      Facility management based on internationally recognised standards of sustainability, considering resource consumption, waste management and social welfare.

    • Sustainability Management Systems

      Guidance through the design and implementation of effective management systems that improve financial and environmental performance.

    • Monitoring & Reporting Tools

      Guidance through the implementation of effective monitoring systems to understand resource consumption and lead to informed decisions.

  • Designing

    Designs focused on optimum performance and self-sufficiency.

    Solution-based design that addresses current and future financial and environmental challenges.

    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design

      Digital representations of functional elements in a building that allow facility managers to make decisions based on reliable information and accurate calculations.

    • Energy & Water

      Hybrid systems that complement utilities supply with more environmentally friendly options or even achieve self-sustainability.

    • Sewage Treatment

      Systems and methods to treat waste water in a responsible and cost effective manner, reducing social, environmental, and therefore business risks.

    • Waste Management

      Systems that allow property owners and business operators to responsibly dispose the waste of their operations, mitigating risks and creating value.

  • Building

    Efficiently built environments that take care of people and the planet.

    Integration of innovative systems and materials to create resilient self-sustainable structures that offer comfort while minimising environmental impact.

    • Project Management

      Coordination of processes and resources to deliver sustainable building solutions.

    • Community Support & Empowerment

      Through CSR and community programs, we work with communities to offer affordable and efficient solutions to provide housing, water and energy.

  • Retrofitting

    Upgrades and additions in already existing buildings.

    We work with existing buildings to improve their performance in terms of resource efficiency, comfort and environmental impact. Our team implements tailor-made solutions that focus on delivering cost-effective improvements to any property.

    • Renewable Energy Generation

      Solar and micro-hydro systems to complement or completely replace current utility provision with more environmentally friendly options.

    • Passive Cooling

      Modification and adaptation of building elements to achieve comfortable temperature levels minimising the consumption of energy.

    • Rainwater Harvesting

      Rainwater capture and filtration systems to complement or completely substitute water supply.

    • Water Reuse & Filtration

      Water filtration utilising biological processes, enabling facilities to reuse water and significantly reduce water consumption.

    • Sewage Treatment

      Improvement of current systems and adaptation of additional elements to treat sewage water effectively and responsibly.

  • Tourism Certificates

    Internationally recognised sustainable tourism certifications.

    Our clients’ efforts in reducing environmental impact, apart from delivering cost savings, can be accredited by sustainable tourism certification bodies such as Travelife and Green Globe. Our certified auditors offer tailored support to embrace higher standards of: energy and water management; environmental and social impact mitigation; waste management; and cultural heritage preservation.

    • Travelife

      Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme that supports hotels around the world to improve their environmental, social and economic performance cost-effectively.

    • Green Globe

      The Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses, and their supply chain partners. It is an affective tool to monitor and document improvements and achievements leading to sustainable operations.